We clearly owe our nation’s fallen heroes a debt of gratitude – one that can never be repaid. At the very least, grieving families should be comforted in knowing that their children will be provided for with opportunities to blossom, excel and prosper.

Our mission is to mentor this critical segment of America’s youth through experience, education and support. All participants will also be exposed to life-sustaining skills that will help them persevere through the most challenging of times.

Wilderness survival training by seasoned professionals to promote self-confidence and leadership skills. Introduction to seamanship, coastal navigation and safe-boating skills.

Introduction to career opportunities in food processing, education, healthcare, aviation, the armed forces, maritime services, law enforcement, and the sciences.

Exposure to land-based wildlife and marine life in natural settings under the supervision of knowledgeable experts and professionals.

Please help make a difference
in the lives of these children
by supporting our cause.