Wayne Lionel Potvin Annual Award

The annual Wayne L. Potvin award will recognize the program participant (teenager) who not only expresses interest in the sciences but is passionately driven to conserve our natural resources.

Following retirement from a distinguished law enforcement career, Wayne Potvin (1955-2016) dedicated his life to the development of a wildlife refuge to benefit both local and migratory species. As steward of the Bear Hollow Conservation Farm, Wayne gained in-depth expertise regarding sound forest-management practices and invasive plant control – knowledge that he openly shared with neighboring property owners.   Wayne, a member of West Hartford Police Department’s SCUBA team is credited with doing much to modernize the team, bringing his commercial diving experience to the table.  He served as a rescue/recovery diver and helped bring closure to a number of grieving families.  He was an avid outdoorsman, conservationist, and state-certified safety instructor.