Hardly a day goes by without news breaking about the tragic loss of another one of our nation’s servicemen or law enforcement officers. These courageous men and women placed their lives on the line with full knowledge that they might not return – making the ultimate sacrifice for community and country.

All too often, after the salutes are fired and the folded flags presented, the families are regrettably forgotten. Needless to say, it’s the children left behind who suffer the most.

In memory of their fallen parent, we intend to provide young teenagers with a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience designed to foster confidence and build leadership skills. Concurrently, they will be exposed to career opportunities in manufacturing, culinary arts, food processing, healthcare, aviation, maritime services, the armed forces, law enforcement, education, sustainable resource management, and marine sciences. Networking opportunities will enable them to bond with their peers and foster long-term friendships. The participants will also be encouraged to remain in contact with program advisors and / or instructors who will continue to serve in a mentoring capacity.

Our chartered mission is to benefit the surviving, and sometimes forgotten, children of our nation’s fallen heroes, both military and law enforcement.