1.6.18 – WND.com – Mother of slain Navy SEAL: Kids of fallen heroes need help.
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1.2.18 – Voice America – Today’s show will uplift and inspire you by proving how one person can make a huge difference. Jeffrey Epstein has just launched a new charity called Healing the Wounds. It uniquely responds to the needs of children whose parent lost their life while serving as a hero in the military or law enforcement…. Click for entire story.

12.07.17 – Townhall:  Bipartisan Effort Launches To Aid Children of  Fallen Heroes,  Click here

11.28.17 – The Daily Caller:  Mykel Hawke OP-ED, Click here

11.15.17 – Healing the Wounds launches today with article on Worldnetdaily.
Captain Mykel Hawke weighs in with the following:

One of the many reasons I am supporting The HEALING THE WOUNDS Project is that we already have an increase of urban dwellers with a decrease of kids in the woods. Often, the wealthier folks don’t have time and the middle class folks don’t have the dime to take their kids out and teach them about nature. This is frequently the case for families of those who serve with both parents working to make ends meet.

Now, minus one from that equation and the problem is exacerbated, not only by the loss of time and dime to do anything for and with the kids, by the struggling and surviving parent, but the additional pain, suffering and loss of both the family member, as well as the support that was lost with their sacrifice.

When these folks who pay the ultimate price for serving are taken from us, there is a tremendous void in the lives of their children. These are usually great kids following in the steps of their parents. Often these kids become exposed to many pitfalls of life such as drugs and depression as a negative coping mechanisms.

What HEALING THE WOUNDS does is to help these kids and society on many levels. Getting the children into a new environment and out of the sad and lonely space is a first step.

Teaching them outdoor skills their lost parent might have, helps re-connect them to nature, peace, life, family, people and society as a whole. It’s an old fashioned notion in a modern era of psychotherapy and mental medication where we simply remind the kids of what the world has to offer, what life is really all about, to help them go through the grieving process and apprecaite the cycle of life.

The end result, is healthier, happier children, that can return to society, grow and contribute with a better attitude.

The bottom line is that HEALING THE WOUNDS is one of the best ways to help our Heroes’ Kids.

Mykel Hawke
Retired Special Forces Officer
Masters in Psychology, Family Counseling

Congratulations to Advisory Board member Clay Higgins for his election, on November 8, 2016, to the US. House of Representatives – representing Lousiana’s 3rd Congressional District.

JULY 2016: Healing the Wounds (HTW) is pleased to announce the addition of Mykel Hawke to our Advisory Board.  Mykel retired as a Captain from 25 years of service in the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets).  He’s best known for his work on television as the star and producer of seven television series, with over fifty shows and one film to his credit.  Mykel dedicates his time to family, studying his specialties and working with charitable organizations that are dedicated to helping children, animals, and veterans. Mykel’s looking forward to not only serving on our Advisory Board but helping us structure a survival-training program, as a confidence-building tool for participating teenagers.

The staff of Healing the Wounds appreciates the support of our Advisory Board, which clearly represent the very finest of people that America has to offer.