Fellow Citizens:

The Nation shares a moral obligation to honor America’s fallen heroes – those courageous men and women who have sacrificed so much in service to our country and communities. For elevating national security and public service above self-interest, we owe them a debt of gratitude – one that clearly can never be repaid. At the very least, grieving families should be comforted in knowing that their children will be provided for with opportunities to blossom, excel and prosper. Healing the Wounds was founded with that goal in mind and we take the responsibility seriously.

No nation can stand divided nor sustain the failure of not honoring those who perish on the front lines of its defense. It has clearly become the responsibility of We the People to revitalize our national spirit, mend our divisions and send a clear message of solidarity to Washington – one that sets the standard for future generations to follow.

Our fallen servicemen and law-enforcement officers deserve to be honored for their bravery with actions – not empty words.

As a proud American and founder of Healing the Wounds, I view the opportunity to contribute toward bettering the lives of those who have suffered the most – the children left behind – as a privilege of the highest order.

We ask that you support our mission to meet our nation’s obligation to their fallen parents – they deserve nothing less.


Jeffrey M. Epstein, President